Gearbox Repair/Rebuild

Gearbox Repair/Rebuild

Taking it up a gear

Whether you are looking for a service on your automatic gearbox, or your clutch is slipping, AMT Autos Ltd can provide you with a high quality service to meet your requirements.

Based in Essex/London, we undertake the repair, servicing and rebuilding of automatic and manual transmissions.

Automatic and manual gearboxes differ due to the nature and technology involved. We have the skills, expertise and technology to be able to offer our services on both types.

As well as fitting transmissions to cars we also fit 4×4 transfer units, axles, final drives and clutches.

We have the facilities and experience to provide the following services:

  • Automatic overhauls, repairs, spares and servicing
  • Manual overhauls, repairs, spares and servicing
  • 4×4 transfer units and final drives
  • A fitting service for both manual and automatic
  • A clutch fitting service

All the work we undertake is fully guaranteed.